AKA Corroboration

And under oath. Links to sworn affidavits below.  And these affidavits are just the beginning.

Butch Bowers :  “In my experience, there was a pervasive culture in the Civil Rights Division and within the Voting Section of apathy, and in some cases outright hostility, towards race-neutral enforcement of voting-rights laws among large segments of career attorneys.”

Von Spakovsky:  Numerous facts sworn to under oath- Coates harassed, Joe Rich misrepresented the Ike Brown J Memo recommendation, Joe Rich was disciplined for the misrepresentation, open disgust about investigating Noxubee County case by some, other employees harassed who worked on cases against black defendants, hostility toward enforcing Section 8 of Motor Voter to remove dead people from rolls, and more.

The Department is not allowing Christopher Coates to comply with his subpoena.  These two affidavits give you an abbreviated understanding about why that is.  If he were permitted to appear and tell the truth, the lid blows off.   As I said in my testimony, it is difficult to deny the truth when so many good honest people know the truth.

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  • July 17, 2010 Neil Bates wrote:
    I think it's important to find if, and work to correct, anything other than a race-neutral approach to voter rights in the DOJ. As for the claims of pervasive atmosphere etc. - could be, but if so these people in the CRD/VS couldn't have been hired em masse by Obama. Most of them would have to have been already working there awhile, true? I know that isn't the same as what directives come down, but "atmospheres" require employee attitudes and not just the boss's predilections.
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