Bye bye Washington "Independent"

Some of the worst coverage of the New Black Panther case came from an obscure little read outfit called the Washington Independent.  You can read some of their factually inaccurate and biased reporting here and here.

Proving that karmic justice affects even the news industry, the Washington Independent is soon to be no more - just another left leaning website where financial issues became existential issues.  The dramatic shift in conventional political wisdom in the last year couldn't help either.   Pajamas Media has more coverage of the sinking of the Independent today.  It is so good to know the biased and misplaced coverage defending the New Black Panther dismissal was funded by the NEA, Barbara Streisand and the George Soros funded Open Society Institute.  I suspect most of the similar coverage has a similar financial engine.  Good to know for the future.  Bryan Preston at Pajamas:

“It was the victim of a political downturn and a change in strategy.  The Washington Independent is, or was, the flagship of an outfit called American Independent Media.  American Independent Media will live on past its D.C. child, as will several of its state-by-state children.  It’s just the eldest child, which is also apparently both the most expensive and the least effective, that’s getting killed off.

Killed off, I say?  By whom?  Why, by the man who’s apparently been funding it.  Take a look at the “Donate” page of American Independent Media, and look toward the bottom.  Here’s a screenshot, to focus in on the more interesting foundations that support the AIM."

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