Ohio Voter ID - a "solution in search of a problem"

Ohio Voter ID is a "solution in search of a problem" in this Columbus Dispatch piece.

Voter ID was a "solution in search of a problem" in a number of other states also.  They include Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, ColoradoMississippi and Minnesota.

Ruth Colker, the author of the Op-Ed, is the "Heck-Faust Memorial Chair in Constitutional Law at the Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law."   She is also, according to her website, "a nationally recognized expert in constitutional law, disability discrimination, feminist theory and gay rights."

A portion of her article: "When I raised this issue at the hearing and suggested that college students are often busy and might not have the time to make a special trip merely for the purpose of getting a state ID to vote, some Republican members of the committee smirked and scoffed at the notion that college students are busy."   Basing opposition to voter ID on the idea that the public will consider college kids too busy to get an ID is an argument best left in back in the ivory tower.  The GOP members of the committee, half of whom have advanced degrees, spent plenty of time absorbing what really happens on campus.

Colker adds: "As a university professor, this was the low point of the hearing for me. These state legislators seem out-of-touch with the rising costs of a college education and the need for many students to balance work and school while being dependent on public transportation."   

Someone needs to send better talking points to Ohio State, and quick. 


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