O'Keefe Strikes Again: "Eric Holder"

If Voter ID is a “solution in search of a problem”, that problem has been found – again – by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, this time at Attorney General Eric Holder’s polling location. 

As Holder continues to deny the existence of voter fraud, an unidentified person is offered Holder’s ballot simply by asking for it, without having to show any identification at all.  (You might expect DC poll workers to recognize one of the more famous voters on their rolls.)  Watch the video here.

John Fund at NRO notes, you can’t even enter the Justice Department in Washington without showing a photo ID. Average voters understand that it’s only common sense to require ID because of how easy it is for people to pretend they are someone else.

Project Veritas has also exposed the truth about voter fraud in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Minnesota.

Says Fund, As James O’Keefe demonstrates, it is comically easy to commit voter fraud in person, and, unless someone confesses, it’s very difficult to ever detect. . . The fact that so many people want to thwart legitimate and prudent efforts to improve ballot integrity has become a scandal in its own right. Attorney General Holder is unlikely to agree with that, but after what happened at his polling place last Tuesday, he should at least understand that voter fraud itself is a scandal worth investigating.

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