Holder Adopts Dishonest "Poll Tax" Narrative on Voter ID

Attorney General Eric Holder today, went "off script" (according to ABC News) and declared Voter ID laws a poll tax, which of course they are not.  This is the latest example of unbecoming behavior from the Attorney General. 

Plainly, Voter ID is not a poll tax.  Having to show a free photo ID is not the same as having to pay money as a prerequisite to registering to vote.  But the Attorney General knows what he is doing.  He is conjuring the worst of our history in order to excite his political base.  He is using images from another time, a time when de jure segregation divided Americans in vile evil ways.  He is using words designed to frighten people with false testimony about what voter ID really is.  These are the actions of a base political operative, not the top official at the Department of Justice.  DOJ attorneys in most parts of the Department proudly adhere to standards of factual accuracy.  Let's hope the bad example of the Attorney General doesn't change that.

On the other hand, perhaps Holder's bad example is already affecting the behavior of DOJ lawyers.  Click here to read about the outrageous behavior of DOJ Civil Rights Division lawyer Rachel Hranitzky.

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