Clownshow Rolls On: DOJ Expert ID's Sen. Rodney Ellis as White

How good is the data of the DOJ experts in the Texas Voter ID trial?  Not very good.  The clownshow rolled on today.  Yesterday it was 18 year olds who couldn't "find the time" to get voter ID. Today it was an expert with a basketful of bad data.  When you hear people talk about number of voters without ID, consider this.

The expert for the DOJ concluded that Rodney Ellis lacked photo ID in the aggregate list of voters he assumed did not have photo ID.  He also identified Ellis was white in the data.

A couple of problems.  First, as more fully discussed here at PJ Media, Ellis is not white, he is black.  From PJ:

"Ellis sounded offended that DOJ’s experts listed his wife and daughter as white. Ellis and his family are black Texans."

There was another big problem, Ellis also has photo ID, contrary to the expert's data.  This, of course calls into questions the credibility of the expert, and more importantly, how did DOJ bungle oversight of the expert so badly that white people without photo ID are really black state senators with photo ID?  More on that later.

Here is the bigger danger for DOJ.  DOJ is likely to win this case. 
But how is that a danger for DOJ, you ask?  Because they are likely going to win because of the statute, the presumptions contained within Section 5.  They may win because of these presumptions despite the clown show of evidence we've seen this week. When the clown show gets before the Supreme Court - which it will - the Justices aren't going to be too impressed with a statute that allows DOJ to win after putting up expert testimony with incorrectly identified races, experts who report Phil Gramm doesn't have ID, and 18 year olds who say they can't find the time to get photo ID.  I can't think of a worse situation for DOJ to defend Section 5, except perhaps Kinston, N.C.

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