Someone in Ohio Doesn't Understand the Voting Rights Act

Drudge blasts the headline in Ohio that people who speak Somali are voting.  The shock!  Even worse, they aren't speaking English!!!  The horror.  And to make it even more dangerous, they are being helped!!!!

Guess what, all of these activities are perfectly legal.  One need not speak English to vote.  That's the law and the reactive excuse that you can't become a citizen unless you speak English has absolutely no legal bearing on the matter.  Moreover, under Section 208 of the Voting Rights Act, every one of these Somalis can be assisted by an interpreter, and it can be the same one, and it can be a representative of the Democrat party.  The person can even tell them for whom to vote if it was the continuation of a possible prior discussion (in Somali most likely) about for whom to vote. 

This is a diversion that carries the danger of people overreacting.  People who do not speak English are allowed to vote.  They are allowed to have people in the booth with them helping them. That helper can be a democrat, at long as it is not an employer or union leader. 

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