DOJ and Barry Kowalski: Hanging with Morris Dees

Judicial Watch has FOIA'ed the Justice Department to find that the notorious race baiting, donor devouring and mansion dwelling Morris Dees was wined and dined by the Civil Rights Division in Washington D.C.  The emails are revealing.

Attorney Barry Kowalski at DOJ seems downright giddy in the emails that he gets to pick up Dees at National Airport in a car "in which [Dees] has ridden before [!!]".  He calls Dees the "Master of Inspiration" and jabbers on about an "African-American" who may run for Congress (yes, from DOJ mail servers.)   Kowalski also notes to another DOJ lawyer "years ago I had breakfast with him at the Four Seasons!"  Kowalski is very eager "to plan an evening for us if he stays over."

The Civil Rights Division used your tax dollars to fly Dees to Washington to provide "diversity training" to Justice Department staff.  This is the same Dees who seems decidedly disinterested in diversity, particularly the Constitutional right of diversity of thought.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has notoriously attacked some mainstream conservative groups as hate groups though they are no such thing.  Which of course qualifies Dees as the perfect candidate to speak to staff at Eric Holder's Justice Department.

From Maison D'Dees:

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