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"Ritchie is making voter fraud easier in Minnesota"

Somali Immigrants Charged With Illegal Double Voting in Minn.

Two Somali women charged with voter fraud, double voting

Minnesota Election Integrity Group's IRS Shakedown

Minnesota Voter Fraud: Guilty

"86-year-old Minn. woman cleared of voter fraud"

"Democrats poised to suggest big changes in election system"

More Minnesota Felon Voters Charged

"Franken Readies Himself as Next Election Approaches"

UPDATE: Three Non-Citizens Now Charged with Felony Voter Fraud in Minnesota: Same-Day Registration Forms “Slipped By” Election Judges

Noncitizens Voted in Minnesota

Police Blotter in Minnesota: In Person Voter Impersonation

Big Money Defeats MN Voter ID

Minn. Voter ID Amendment puts state in play for Romney

Minnesota ID Amendment at 55%

Minnesota Voter ID Amendment Shows 12-Point Advantage

The case for voter ID in Minnesota: "Easy to vote, hard to cheat"

Should photo ID be required to vote? Majority of Minnesotans say “Yes”

"Second DNC Voter Fraud Video Hits; House Judiciary Chairman Calls for Firings"

More O'Keefe Video Dump: Florida Sends Ballots to 14-year Non-Resident

"Military voting in the spotlight in photo ID campaign"

Argument for voter ID in Minnesota

Voter ID amendment foes frustrated that Minnesota DFL doesn't throw more good money after bad

"Voter ID: Close elections drive amendment battle in Minnesota"

Minnesota Secretary of State uses government resources for partisan advocacy against voter ID

Minnesota Voters Strongly Favor Voter ID Amendment

Planned Parenthood organizations fund opposition to Minnesota Voter ID

Popular Minnesota voter ID amendment on path to passage

Minnesota voter ID amendment heads to November ballot "as is"

Voter ID Opponents: "worst won-loss records in the major leagues"

Roundup of Minnesota Voter ID Victory

Big Victory in Minnesota Voter ID Case Today

Minnesota Democrat claims photo ID law will keep snowplows off the streets

Photo ID amendment title swap headed to Minnesota Supreme Court

Video of Minn. Voter ID Supreme Court Argument

Anti-democratic attack on Voter ID in Minnesota

"Is Mark Ritchie Attempting to Supress the Vote"

Photo ID supporters question SOS Ritchie's opposition to ID amendment

Minnesota Majority Voter ID Brief

"Minnesota lawmakers defend voter ID measure validity"

Federal Judge hears challenge to Minnesota same day registration voting

MN Majority Intervening to Defend Voter ID Amendment

"Minnesota voter ID supporter wants to intervene in ACLU suit"

Minnesota Democrats want to keep Voter ID amendment away from voters

"Voter ID is a matter of honor"

"Seniors chop up AARP cards in voter ID protest"

Voter ID May Change How Students Can Vote

Minnesota Governor to campaign against voter ID

"Minnesota Voter ID Amendment Close to Landing on the November Ballot"

"MN Senate Passes Voter ID Constitutional Amendment"

Minnesota photo ID amendment goes to state senate floor for vote

Voter ID constitutional amendment headed to Minnesota House floor

"Minnesota’s Voter ID constitutional amendment advancing"

MN Majority Claims ACLU Voter ID Bounty

Phony voters in Minnesota?

"Dismantling the phony case against Voter ID"

Minnesota Voter ID Debate

Voter ID moves toward being on statewide ballot in Minnesota

In Minnesota, Republicans and League of Women Voters go to war over Voter ID

Voter Photo ID amendment passes Minnesota Senate committee

Minnesota Voter ID opponents pivot to new talking points - "it's a super rich idea"

Minnesota Live: Same Day Registration of Tim Tebow and Tom Brady

Voter ID amendment may be on the 2012 Minnesota ballot

Shock: Illegal Felons Voted in 2008 in Minn.

In Minnesota, voter fraud charges emerge years later

30 Charged with Voter Fraud in Minn.

113 Voter Fraud Convictions. . . in Minnesota

Radio in MN Tuesday night

Wright County (MN) concludes voter fraud investigation with five charges

Minn. voter ID to governor (for veto)

Poll: Overwhelming support for Voter ID

Voter ID moves closer to law in Minn.

Voter ID moving across the country

"The Pied Piper of Voter Fraud"

Group home voter fraud in MN

Full court media press against voter ID - Monday edition.

Another indictment for the voter fraud deniers

Voter ID Support in Minn. newspaper

Full court press against Voter ID - the Tuesday edition

Minnesota Governor on voter id

Media press against Voter ID - Tuesday edition

Voter ID battle in Minnesota

Minn. voter id bill


Voter ID in Minnesota

Fox News on Minnesota voter fraud

Minnesota - Please ID Me Case

Crow Wing (MN) voter fraud

More scrutiny of felon voting in 2008 (MN)

Six charged in MN for 2008 voter fraud

Wisconsin and Minn. chase double voters

Feds asleep at the switch in Franken election?

Fund: Felons for Franken

Why Section 8 of the NVRA is important

28 Charged with voter fraud

Watchdog group says felons voting illegally (MN)