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Two Texans accused of voter fraud in 2012 primary election

Fraud Denier in Chief: "Voter fraud complaints are bogus"

"Pembroke voter fraud investigation expanded to all of Robeson County"

Mississippi candidate Cobby Williams sentenced for 2013 voter fraud

Five counts of voter fraud net Texas politiquera six months of home confinement

"Hundreds of cases of potential voter fraud uncovered in North Carolina"

"Jury finds 2 women guilty of voter fraud"

Voter fraud investigated in Louisiana mayoral election

No Justice Department Charges for Woman Who Voted Six Times for Obama

Sharpton, Ohio Democrats applaud poll worker convicted of felony voter fraud... at voting rights rally

NJ Democrat campaign worker sentenced to 3 years in prison for voter fraud – 7 years after the crime

Florida voter fraud a “misunderstanding” over mail ballots?

"Woman Convicted of Voter Fraud Honored by Ohio Democrats"

“Blatant case of voter fraud” to be investigated in Lee County, Florida

"Former Councilwoman Found Guilty of Voter Fraud Again"

A review of mummified woman's voting records point to fraud

Wyoming registration system fails to identify felons resulting in 6 voters accused of registration, voting fraud

“Poll worker sentenced to 5 years for voter fraud serves only 8 months”

Mummified Corpse Votes

“Strong deterrent message”: West Virginia fraudster sentenced to prison

"How to handle voter fraud"

"Police on guard for fraud in repeat Beit Shemesh election today"

Paterson, NJ councilman and wife indicted for mail ballot fraud

Democrats Still Fighting to Keep Convicted Vote Fraudster in California Senate

Legilslative Staffer Guilty of Voter Fraud

"New claim: Bloomingburg voter fraud"

"Starr County Resident Demands End to Voter Fraud"

“80 more voting fraud cases sent to prosecutors” in Iowa

Impersonation Voter Fraud Fix in the Holy Land: "This Time, the Dead Won't Vote!"

"Project Veritas Unmasks Fresh Dem Voter Fraud in Texas"

South Texas politiquera pleads guilty to buying votes

Will DOJ Prosecute Poll Worker Who Voted More Than Once for Obama in 2012?

Another Ohio Poll Worker Faces Voter Fraud Charges for Double Voting

South Texas election contest over alleged voter fraud “a civil rights case”

Voter Fraud Charges in Wisconsin

Voter Fraud Fueled by Corrupted Voter Rolls?

California Senator Convicted of Voter Fraud

Nine Charged in Iowa Voter Fraud

“Lax Punishment for Voter Fraud”

"Winning the fight for voter ID" requires sound implementation

"Judge: Voting case against blogger, Board of Elections can move forward"

“Hidalgo County DA Launches Investigation Into Voter Fraud”

Something Academics Won't Do: A Case Study of Recent Election Fraud

"Other than These Two Big Cases in Texas and New York, Election Fraud Doesn’t Exist"

Voter Fraud Indictments of Politiqueras in Texas

Voter Impersonation: Demonstrably Easy, Show Agents

Voter Fraud Trial for Democrat Senator Begins

“Democrats Complain about Voter Fraud Their Bill Enabled”

"With new year, Arkansans are required to show ID to vote"

"Gov’t corruption, voter fraud a major concern for Americans"

"Report: New York Investigators Obtain Fraudulent Ballots 97 Percent of Time"

"Feds: Politiquera used drugs, cash, beer to bribe RGV voters"

Cash for votes: 3 Texas politiqueras charged in federal voter fraud case

New York Fraud Inquiry: Investigators impersonating dead voters and felons cast 39 ballots on Election Day

Ohio Democrats Best Argument against Photo ID: "Too Costly"

"Voter ID is answer to voter fraud"

International Vote Fraud - "Israeli court orders new town elections on suspicion of voting fraud"

“One-stop” voter fraud “taints” town council contest; NC election board orders re-do

"FBI investigates 'politiqueras' who paid money and cigarettes for votes"

Voter fraud claims from both sides in local Texas race decided by 16 votes

Iowa Investigation: Felon pleads guilty to fraudulent practices for registering to vote

"FBI begins Shelby County Election Commission probe"

Iowa non-citizen charged with election misconduct

The Cult of Democratic Party Voter Fraud

"Non Citizens Caught Voting in Key Swing State"

"Guilty pleas resolve all five voter fraud convictions in Iowa"

Former Congressional Candidate Arrested for Voter Fraud

"Voter fraud case clouds city election"

Voter Impersonation in No-Voter ID Mass.

Voter Fraud in Ohio?

After corruption investigation, West Virginia Magistrate pleads guilty to voter fraud charges in federal court

Tuscaloosa voter fraud case appeal filed

"Passaic County elections chief says GOP probe found irregulaties in Nov. 5 election"

“Arapahoe County DA Charges Four in Voter-fraud Investigation”

Voter fraud charge filed against Massachusetts resident for illegally voting in New Hampshire in 2012

Plattsburgh Voter Fraud?

Voter fraud charges leveled at Working Families Party in New York

More voter fraud made “non-existent” by a plea deal

Ohio Voter Fraud Indictment for Double Voting in 2012 Election

No Impound for Mail-In Ballots in New Jersey Town

Judge Sets Hearing in Alabama Voter Fraud Case

Fox Undercover: Voter Fraud in Boston

Texas Voter Fraud Convictions

“18 voters reviewed for fraud” in Colorado recall

More on New Haven voter fraud scandal

“Voter Fraud Scandal Brewing in New Haven”

Voter Fraud Update from Ohio

Bribes with Booze in Alabama Election

Holder's Talking Points Memo

"Top Prosecutor Investigating" Voter Fraud in Wisconsin Recalls

"No Matches Found" for Democrat Voter Fraud in Miami

Florida Fraudster: "Rep. Garcia’s Former Chief Of Staff Headed To Jail"

Alabama Voter Fraud Headed to Trial

Connecticut Democrat state rep accused of voter fraud

Wisconsin Voter Fraud Billboards Didn't Work

How did Leonard Brown Vote 5 Times in Milwaukee for President?

High Times in Michigan: "Ferndale pot petitioner charged with voter fraud"

Milwaukee man pleads guilty to five counts of felony voter fraud

Two Pennsylvania Democrats charged with voter fraud

Indiana: "New Voter Registration Application to fight voter fraud"